Music Video Production Best Practices: Working With a Producer

For a successful music video production, it is essential to cultivate an effective working relationship with the producer. In this…

Music Video Production Best Practices: Working With a Producer

For a successful music video production, it is essential to cultivate an effective working relationship with the producer. In this blog post, we will discuss various strategies and tips for ensuring a smooth collaboration between you as the music video director and your experienced producer.

We will delve into the importance of clear communication, setting ambitious goals while relying on your producer's expertise for guidance, being open to input from all parties involved in the production process, and much more. By applying the right methods for working with a producer on your music video production, you can get the most out of both its artistic potential and chances of success in today's competitive music business.

Establish Clear Communication with Your Producer

As a music video director, one of the most important aspects of successful music video production is establishing and maintaining clear communication with your experienced producer. Fostering effective communication involves having frequent interactions to ensure that your ideas for the video are accurately represented in the end result, and also keeping you up-to-date on progress.

To foster effective communication, consider implementing these best practices:

Schedule regular check-ins: Set up routine meetings or calls to discuss updates on various aspects of the project, such as pre-production milestones or solutions to any problems.

Ask questions: Don't be afraid to ask your producer any questions you may have about their role in the production, their experience working on similar projects, or specific elements within your own project. Remember that they are there to help guide you through this journey.

Hone your listening skills: When providing feedback or discussing creative direction with your producer, make sure to actively listen and engage in constructive conversations. This will not only strengthen collaboration but also ensure both parties understand each other's perspectives clearly.

It is essential to have clear communication with your producer when it comes to a music video production. Establishing expectations, deadlines and budgets early on will ensure that the project runs smoothly.

Taking these steps can greatly improve collaboration between directors and producers during music video production, ultimately leading to better results for everyone involved.

Shoot For the Stars and Your Producer Will Help You Land Safely In the Clouds

As a music video director, there's nothing wrong with having high aspirations for your projects. Don't be intimidated to express your desires, no matter how ambitious they may seem; producers can help you bring them to fruition while staying within the budget or suggest alternatives to achieve a similar result. Consult with your producer; they possess the knowledge to assist you in achieving your desired result without compromising the integrity of your vision.

Dream big: Share your wildest ideas with your producer, as they may know how to make them possible within budget constraints or offer alternative solutions.

Negotiate: If certain aspects of your music videos seem too expensive or unattainable, work together with your producer to find compromises without sacrificing quality.

Trust their expertise: Producers often have connections in the industry that can provide resources like locations or equipment at discounted rates - trust their knowledge and recommendations.

In addition to providing guidance on logistics, a good producer will also give feedback on creative direction. They might suggest changes based on past experiences or trends in music videos that could enhance the final product. Most producers don't get their first job in the industry as a producer. Many of them have worked in other departments for years before becoming a producer, gaining experience in various areas of production. 

Here at Resolve Media Group, our founder, Chad Tennies, began as a director and DP before starting his own company. Now, as executive producer of all of our projects, he has been able to provide insight, not only as a producer, but as a director and cinematographer as well. His guidance in working with our directors has consistently helped them deliver high-quality projects. 

By collaborating closely throughout the production process, both parties can ensure a successful music video production without compromising artistic integrity.

Shoot for the stars and trust that your producer will keep you grounded. With an open mind, be ready to accept input from your producer as they may have invaluable insight into how best to achieve success with a music video production.

Be Open to Input

As a music video director, it's essential to be open to input from your experienced producer throughout the production process. They have likely worked on numerous projects in the music video industry, giving them valuable insights that can help make your music videos even better than you imagined. By being receptive to their suggestions and ideas, you can create a more polished final product that will resonate with viewers.

When working together on low-budget music videos or an ambitious project, producers may offer creative direction based on their knowledge of what works best within budget constraints. For example, they might suggest alternative locations or recommend using specific equipment for certain shots. Seek to understand and contribute meaningfully by engaging in dialogue, posing questions, and providing feedback.

Maintain an open mind: Remember that both parties are striving towards creating the best possible music video; don't let ego get in the way of collaboration.

Show appreciation: Acknowledge your producer's expertise and thank them for sharing their insights during the production process.

Avoid micromanaging: Trust your producer as they handle various aspects of production while focusing on delivering your vision effectively.

Incorporating input from your producer doesn't mean compromising artistic integrity; rather, it allows for growth as a director through learning from others' experiences. Embrace this collaborative spirit and watch how it elevates every aspect of your music videos.


Working with an experienced producer can make all the difference in creating successful music videos. By establishing clear communication, shooting for the stars while being open to input, and providing feedback throughout the production process, you can ensure that your final video exceeds expectations.

Remember to trust your producer's expertise and be willing to collaborate creatively. By following these tips, you can make sure that your music videos are a cut above the rest.If you're looking for a team of experts who can help bring your vision to life, contact Resolve Media Group. Our team has years of experience working with labels and music video directors alike, and we're committed to delivering high-quality results every time.