How to Attract Music Video Production Companies: A Guide

How to Attract Music Video Production Companies is a puzzle many aspiring directors grapple with. You’ve got the skill, your…

How to Attract Music Video Production Companies: A Guide

How to Attract Music Video Production Companies is a puzzle many aspiring directors grapple with.

You've got the skill, your ideas, and the ambition. But how do you get those production companies to notice?

Networking to Secure Music Video Production Companies

In the music video business side, networking isn't just about making connections - it's also about nurturing them. As a professional music video director, you'll find that this is key in securing partnerships with production companies.

Attending Industry Events

The first step? Attend industry events. These are prime opportunities for directors and producers alike to rub shoulders with representatives from various sectors of the music industry. 

These platforms provide unparalleled exposure and access - use them wisely.

Making Connections With Other Professionals

Beyond physical meetings though, there's another crucial aspect - virtual connections. Social media presence plays an important role here; Instagram being one such platform where potential clients abound.

Nurture relationships by sharing updates about your work regularly.

Show interest in other people's projects too.

A simple 'hello' every now and then keeps you fresh in their memory.

Persistent communication fosters long-term professional relationships which could lead towards promising collaborations down the line.

Introducing Yourself To Potential Partners

Talking directly often gets things done faster when trying to attract interested candidates from production houses.

Don't hesitate reaching out if there are specific ones you're keen on working with. A polite introductory email detailing who you are as a director along with links showcasing some of your best works leaves quite an impression. Remember: Persistence pays off but avoid coming across as pushy or desperate - balance is key.

Showcase Your Work

As a music video director, your work is the most demonstrative indicator of your capabilities and ingenuity; it's what will draw in potential collaborators. It is the most tangible evidence of your skills and creativity. In essence, it serves as an effective tool for attracting potential production partners.

Creating a Portfolio

A well-curated selection of works can tell much more than what meets the eye at first glance. Choose pieces that best represent your unique style and vision - these could include commercial projects or even personal passion endeavors. A reel combines the best snippets of your work as a whole into a bite-sized representation of your style. A strong reel can be the difference between a company going with you or another director.

Promoting Awards and Recognition

If accolades have come in recognition of talent displayed through professional music videos directed so far, highlight them within portfolio content. But always keep in mind: while awards validate skillset, they're not everything - many successful directors started without any such feathers in their cap.

Maintaining Online Presence

Vimeo & YouTube: These platforms offer vast user bases, thereby increasing visibility amongst industry peers, making them ideal spaces to share portfolios. Ensure all links lead directly to relevant content, enabling easy navigation between different sections within the portfolio space.

Social Media Channels: Platforms like Instagram provide additional promotional opportunities - using hashtags related specifically towards directing (#musicvideodirector) or specific genres (#indiemusicvideo), increases visibility amongst those seeking services offered.

Remember: consistency across all platforms reinforces brand identity.

Develop Your Brand

Your brand is your professional identity. It's what sets you apart in the music video industry and attracts potential clients, including production companies looking for a unique vision.

Here are some steps to help guide you through this process of branding yourself as a director:

Finding Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

What is the initial thought that comes to mind when constructing your own brand? Identifying what makes YOU stand out from other directors - This is called your USP or Unique Selling Proposition.

This might be anything from an innovative approach towards storytelling, capturing stunning visuals, or even working with specific types of artists. Whatever it may be, make sure this USP shines through everything associated with your name.

Crafting A Visual Identity

Apart from defining who you are as a creative professional on the business side of music videos, another crucial part includes crafting a visual identity which helps create a cohesive final product. Elements like logos, color schemes and typography used across all promotional materials such as websites and social media profiles should reflect this aesthetic consistently. Smashing Magazine offers great advice on how to use colors effectively in design which can apply here too.

Maintaining Consistency Across Platforms

Create consistency: Whether someone stumbles upon one of your directed pieces online or finds their way onto any social platform where they see content related to you - they should instantly recognize that content belongs to YOU based on its consistent look-and-feel.

Social Media Presence: Building up strong presence over various platforms not only increases visibility but also serves well for promotional strategy's effectiveness.

Promote work regularly: Regularly sharing snippets from pre-production meetings where production team visualize concepts, BTS shots showing how production team captures b-roll footage etc adds value by providing insight into the filmmaking process thus engaging audiences more deeply.

In order to maintain effective social media engagement remember authenticity matters most so let those creative juices flow naturally while interacting over these platforms.

Key Takeaway: 

To draw in music video production companies, craft a distinctive brand. Identify your Unique Selling Proposition and let it shine in all you do. Create a consistent visual identity across platforms and engage authentically on social media to showcase your work process and vision.


Attracting music video production companies is no small feat, but it's within your grasp.

You've learned the power of networking and how to leverage industry events for potential partnerships.

Your portfolio is key - a dynamic showcase of your directing prowess and unique style.

Awards? Recognition? They're more than just accolades. They're proof of your talent and dedication.

And let's not forget about branding. It's all about standing out in a crowded field with an aesthetic that screams 'you'!

Now you possess the capacity to create a stir in the music video business. But remember, this journey isn't meant to be walked alone...If you have a project and are looking for production companies to partner with, contact Resolve Media Group to get the conversation started today!