How To Find A Music Video Producer or Production Company: Guide

Unfortunately in the industry today, there isn’t a central hub for music video directors and producers to network and collaborate….

How To Find A Music Video Producer or Production Company: Guide

Unfortunately in the industry today, there isn't a central hub for music video directors and producers to network and collaborate. There is no easy way to find the right producer for your music video, but with the right strategies and mindset, you'll have a leg up on the competition.

In this blog post, we will examine various tactics to assist you in finding the ideal collaborators for your future projects. We'll explore networking on set as an effective way to connect with skilled music video producers who share your vision. Additionally, we'll discuss searching for reputable production companies within your area and utilizing social media platforms to expand your reach.

Lastly, learn how pitching yourself effectively can open doors with established producers and production companies looking for fresh talent. By implementing these techniques, you'll be well-equipped to find the perfect collaborator for creating captivating and memorable music videos.

Networking on Set to Find a Music Video Producer

Discovering the ideal music video producer for your venture is essential, as they can help actualize your imaginative vision. One of the most effective ways to find a suitable producer is by networking on set with other directors and producers. This allows you to learn about their experiences working together and gather recommendations from trusted sources.

In addition, it's essential to talk to clients, labels, and artists you work with about potential producers they have collaborated with in the past. By doing so, you can gain insight into their preferred production styles and identify any possible matches for your own projects.

To maximize your chances of finding an ideal match, consider using social media platforms such as Instagram or LinkedIn. These online communities offer valuable opportunities for connecting with experienced music video producers who may be interested in collaborating on future projects.

Ask other directors: Reach out to other directors that you work with or admire and find out what producers and production companies they've enjoyed worked with.

Become a production assistant: Working as a PA provides firsthand experience within the music video production process while simultaneously allowing access to key contacts within the field.

Create targeted searches: Utilize search engines or specialized websites that focus solely on showcasing talent within specific areas of expertise (e.g., searching "music video producers" + "your city").

Taking advantage of these networking strategies will significantly increase your likelihood of finding an exceptional music video producer who aligns well with your artistic goals. Remember, the right producer can make all the difference in creating a successful music video that resonates with your audience and helps you stand out in the competitive music video industry.

Networking on set is an essential tool for any music video director looking to find a producer or production company. Developing strong relationships with industry professionals can pay off when it's time to bring your project to life. Once you understand the advantages of networking, discover other methods to locate a music video producer or production company in your vicinity.

Search for Production Companies in Your Area

Finding the right music video producer or production company is crucial to creating a successful project. One way to discover potential collaborators is by searching for local production companies. Start by using search engines like Google and typing in keywords such as "music video producers" or "production companies" along with your city's name.

You can also utilize social media platforms, especially those that cater to the music industry, like Instagram, LinkedIn, and even Facebook groups dedicated to filmmaking professionals. These online communities often post job listings, share work samples, and provide an opportunity for you to connect with other directors and producers.

Once you have identified some potential production companies in your area, research their previous projects and clients. Look at their portfolios on their websites or Vimeo channels; this will give you an idea of their style, target audience, budget range, and whether they align with your vision.

Create a shortlist: Narrow down your options based on factors such as experience level (are they seasoned veterans or up-and-coming talent?), genre specialization (do they primarily produce hip-hop videos or focus more on indie rock?), availability (can they accommodate your schedule?), etc.

Contact them directly: Reach out via email or phone call expressing interest in working together; be sure to include relevant information about yourself - links to your reel/portfolio/treatments are essential.

Pitching jobs: If you already have a specific project in mind when reaching out - great. Provide details about the concept/script/artist/budget and ask if they would be interested in collaborating.

When searching for a music video producer or production company, it's important to keep your target audience in mind. Consider the genre of music, the artist's brand, and the intended audience when selecting a production company.

Don't forget to utilize social media to promote your music video once it's complete. Share teasers and behind-the-scenes footage to generate buzz and engage with your audience and a music video producer or production company may just reach out to you. 

Here at Resolve Media Group, we found our latest two additions to our director's roster via Instagram in Declan Kyle and Tommy Kiljoy. We found an article listing the "best up-and-coming music video directors'' and reached out to the ones that impressed us. With the right team and strategy, your music video can be a powerful tool for promoting your artistry and brand.

Discovering film production businesses in your vicinity is a key action to take when seeking to make a music video. Having identified potential production partners, the next step is to present your project and yourself in a way that piques their interest.

Pitching Yourself to Music Video Producers and Production Companies

As a music video director, it is crucial to pitch yourself effectively to producers and production companies. This will help you build your network within the industry, showcase your skills, and land more opportunities for collaboration. Here are some essential steps in pitching yourself:

Show Your Reel: A well-crafted reel is an excellent way of demonstrating your expertise as a director. Include samples of your best work that highlight different styles, genres, or techniques.

Show Your Treatment: Presenting a treatment can give potential collaborators an idea of how you envision their project coming together. It should be visually appealing and provide clear information about the concept, visuals, narrative structure, etc.

Show Your Production Knowledge: If you have experience with various aspects of production (e.g., cinematography or editing), make sure to mention this during pitches. Demonstrating versatility can increase your appeal as a creative partner.

Ask Questions: Engage with prospective producers by asking questions about their past projects or experiences working on music videos similar to yours. This shows genuine interest in collaborating while also providing valuable insights into their approach.

In addition to these tips, don't forget the power of social media when promoting yourself as a music video director. Use platforms like Instagram or Twitter not only for showcasing work but also connecting with other professionals in the field - including potential target audience members such as artists looking for directors.

Remember: building relationships is key. Reach out through email or LinkedIn messages if possible; just ensure any communication remains professional and respectful. And always keep your eyes open for new opportunities, such as production assistant positions or internships that can help you gain experience and make connections.

Key Takeaway: 

To find a music video producer or production company for your next project, pitch yourself effectively by showcasing your reel and treatment, demonstrating production knowledge and asking questions. Utilize social media platforms to promote yourself as a director and connect with other professionals in the field while keeping communication professional and respectful. Remember that building relationships is key to gaining experience and making connections in the industry.


In conclusion, finding a music video producer or production company for your next project can be accomplished through networking on set, searching for local companies, and pitching yourself to producers. Building relationships with industry professionals is key in creating successful collaborations and producing high-quality content.

Remember to always showcase your unique vision and style when pitching yourself or your ideas. Don't be afraid to take risks and try new things - that's what sets you apart from the rest.If you're ready to take the next step in finding a music video producer or production company for your next project, contact Resolve Media Group today. At Resolve Media Group, our experts will collaborate with you to make your unique concept a reality.